Company Policy

We can only stress that you understand that you're purchasing a premier custom product. All of our cases are custom made here in the USA. Our expected delivery time is currently 3-5 weeks. We're constantly taking new orders with all sorts of customizations. It's possible that you'll get a case sooner, or we may take more time depending on the order. All times are variable and because no two orders are the same, its impossible for us to get an absolute date of delivery to you. If you need your order by a specific date please don't hesitate to call ahead of time and process your order over the phone. We will likely be able to meet your requirements for our expedited fee.


Our current accepted payment methods are credit card and PayPal. They are both accepted through our checkout page, where you'll be given the option between the two. Should you select to use a credit card, you can make that payment by following the PayPal link and having the total deposited into our PayPal account. Alternatively, you can process the payment via telephone. Using this method, you need the transaction ID#, and your credit card with you when you call in your order. Your order will not go into production until payment has been received.

Warranty Information

All Kent Custom Cases come with a standard 1 year warranty that covers workmanship and case materials to be void of noticeable or blatant defect for one year from the date of purchase. Kent Custom Cases will repair all defective parts (that is, any portion of the case that has malfunctioned beyond customer control - within our discretion) free of charge. In order to qualify for a Warranty, you must contact Kent Custom Cases via e-mail, and include photographic evidence of the defect and an explanation of the issue. Once approved for warranty, the customer is responsible for shipping the case to our warehouse address, and we will cover the return shipping expenses. The warranty does not cover damage or failure due to misuse, customer modifications, normal wear and tear (assessed at Kent Custom Cases' discretion). Kent Custom Cases is not responsible for legal obligations of direct or indirect damage for loss of property, profits, fees, delays, injuries or death in relation with the use of or operation of any Kent Custom Case products.


Kent Custom Cases will ship out each product based on the specific item ordered, and how many products have been purchased. The buyer agrees to pay for all shipping costs. Currently, if the product is purchased through our online store, shipping will be set to either Freight or Ground shipping at a predetermined flat rate. If an online order is completed with a shipping amount that is less than the actual, post-production amount, Kent Custom reserves the right to contact the buyer to discuss alternative shipping or requirement of additional funds to cover the new shipping total. This will most likely occur if an order is modified after the online checkout is complete.


Because all Kent Custom Cases are built custom, they will be treated "as-is". Upon arrival, all cases are non-refundable except with instances of malfunction, shipping damage, or order not built to specifications. If the case arrives and is different than the original order the return must take place within 7 business days from the date of delivery. Kent Custom Cases will not cancel orders because they are no longer needed, took longer to build than expected, or any other reason. We will only admit a return for items differing from what was specified on the original order, at which point measures for repair or replacement will take place. All of our shipments are correctly and thoroughly packaged with either shrink wrap and foam packaging or some alternative (depending on whether the shipment is freight or ground). For ground shipments, it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the outer packaging on FedEx and UPS shipments to determine if there is damage before the driver is released. For Freight shipments, please inspect the case inside and out with the driver present. It is very important if there is shipping damage on freight to have the driver notate this. If no shipping damage is noted, then it is likely that the freight company will deny the claim. Orders with shipping damage will be subject to a shipping claim. Once the dispute is resolved with the shipping company, we will work out a way to repair or replace the damaged order (at the expense of the shipping company). Because this issue can be time consuming, we will generally attempt to expedite this process and have the case returned to us, with all shipping being reimbursed once the shipping claim is issued.