Light-Weight Bass & Guitar Vault
Light-Weight Bass & Guitar Vault

    Light-Weight Bass & Guitar Vault

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      This case is only available in black

      The light weight guitar vault has been designed to make international flights with your guitar collection as easy as possible. With its heavy duty light weight poly plastic construction,  it allows you to pack two (or more) guitars into the case and stay under 50lbs so you can check it in without having to pay any hefty overage fees. We are here to work with you to keep you within weight and size restrictions. We at Kent Custom are well aware there are many options available, but the guitar vault pictured above will provide some of the best protection and security for your instrument. Just like all our other cases this beauty is road tested and ready for all the wear and tear your tours can offer. With the two slot choice, the case will be 50 lbs at ease when fully loaded.

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